Girls in the last period we have heard about them all, but what is this famous "ARMOCROMY"?

it is simply the result of the skin-eyes-hair mix that decrees a range of shades, called undertone, which, wearing them correctly, can greatly enhance us. They are divided into 4 categories that take their name from the four seasons and the relative colors that characterize them.

We therefore have: Spring with warm undertones, Summer with cold undertones, Autumn with warm undertones and Winter with cold undertones.

So, depending on the season to which we belong, the shades that will enhance us can be warm or cold colors. In reality this is a much broader and super interesting topic that I invite you to discover with professionals because it does not end there.

So what's the extraordinary thing ?! and that by discovering our own season each of us will be aware of the right colors and shades to wear to always be perfect, so as not to be a corpse or dull anymore.

So I decided to facilitate your shopping experience on our site and already divide all the products by seasons and warm or cold colors!


Haven't tried this amazing experience yet?
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